Your Data is Your Own, Not Someone Else's

At 1X Studios, some of our applications and services keep data on users and servers on Discord and some user information on who's visiting our website and who's joining our games. This data is protected and secured to our eyes only and our Administrators do not have access to this data. Your data is your own data, and we don't share any data at all for any reason.

What do we collect?

Here, we'll make it clear to you what we collect.

  • Andrye Discord Bot
  • Server Information
  • Server ID
  • Server Options
  • Users in the Server
  • Number of Messages Sent (only after Andrye is added)
  • Number of Users in Server
  • Number of Roles
  • Server Owner
  • User Information
  • 1X Administration Clearance
  • User ID
  • Number of Messages Sent in Serer
  • Moderations to User
  • Warnings Logged to User
  • Server Currency (based on messages sent and must be enabled)
  • 1X Studios' Websites
  • Website Visits
  • General Location (never used)
  • Website Visit Time
  • Page Viewed
  • Platform Used
  • Date and Time Visited
  • Information is collected by Google Analytics.

  • 1X Studios' ROBLOX Games
  • Username
  • User ID
  • Client Type (mobile or desktop)
  • Join Duration from Join to Leave
  • Join Time
  • Leave Time
  • Number of Messages Sent

Why do we collect this data?

We like to see who is using our services and applications to make them better and improve on who needs it the most and what is used the most. We also see how long people are staying on our services and applications to see if they are knowing what we offer and using it correctly instead of just leaving and not catching their eye. ROBLOX games we only collect data to see who is joining and leaving and how long they are playing the game so we can accomodate for their time spent with us, add more things and make the games more fun for users. We only plan on using data to make the 1X Studios experience better for the users so everyone can have a good time.

I don't want 1X Studios to have my data, what can I do?

We understand that some people don't want their data collected, we can clear any data in our own databases. If you want your data cleared, you can contact a 1X Administrator at our Discord Server, 1X Studios Discord to clear your data from all sources. You must give a special identifier to clear your data. This can be a Server ID, User ID, ROBLOX ID, ROBLOX Username. You must also prove this is you by changing your ROBLOX Status to something given by a 1X Administrator. For Discord Servers and User Information, you must DM a 1X Administrator using the same account to clear (we also need all the Server IDs that use Andrye). To clear a server's data, you are required to show ownership of that server. To get your information cleared from Google Analytics, you must open your browser's Developer Console, go to Console tab, and type ga.getAll()[0].get('clientId'); in the console. This returns your Client ID and your data can be removed. Note: Once your data is cleared, you can be tracked again by going onto another website, game, inviting Andrye to your server, or by recieving a moderation, warning, or currency if enabled by the server.