1X Studios Copyright

Titles and Names

All titles under 1X Studios are subject to their own properties. All titles are allowed to be used with 1X Studios associated in some way that it is one of our assets. All titles which include but are not limited to: 1X Studios, 1X Studios Group, Andrye Discord Bot, The Isle of the Lost and Forgotten, 1X Nuclear Core Complex. Anything that shows 1X Studios has ownership or holds the rights to title may only be used recreationally and personally. Most game assets, which are published under the 1X Studios, 1X Security, 1X Theatre, or 1X Orange groups, have their own rights to ROBLOX and to the owner of those groups (which is usually Golembyte).


All 1X Studios affiliated and owned games under the official group names: 1X Studios, 1X Security, 1X Theatre, 1X Orange, are all not to be copied in any way or form unless assets are given to the specific user on the platform. Misuse of the assets will result in a group-wide ban across all games and permanent deletion in the model from sharing. All games are their own creation and are all tied together and this tie shall not be broken. All games are owned by the group owner or the owner of the profile that the game is under. 1X Studios games under a profile will indicate the group in which it belongs in.


All images under 1X Studios are free to use in all ways because they all show a 1X Studios group logo or name, indicating what group they belong to. Game images should not be copied at all unless permission is given to the specific user and this permission is not to be shared among other users from the person given the original permission to use images from 1X Studios' Games (basically meaning whoever was given permission cannot give other people permission to use image assets that they cannot already use).